Dr Cormac R. Purcell

Intelligent Systems for Planetary Good



Here you can find resources on things that I have created - software tools and useful scripts, hobby projects and plans for tangible objects.


Most of my scientific work is done using Python and the extensive suite of modules and libraries available for that language. However, I also occasionally write in Java (for Android) and web languages such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

A selection of my software and tools are linked below. For a more complete list, click the logo to access my GitHub account.


The Friendly Virtual Radio Interferometer is Python software designed to simulate astronomical observations by arrays of linked radio antennas.

QU-fitting plot

RM-tools is a suite of scripts to analyse Faraday rotation in polarised radio-continuum data. Written in Python, it is available on GitHub.

Parallax screenshot

The AstroParallax web page hosts a simple interactive animation that demonstrates astronomical parallax.
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