Dr Cormac R. Purcell

Intelligent Systems for Planetary Good

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Hello and welcome to my website! I'm an astrophysicist turned scientific program director and intelligent systems engineer.

As Chief Scientist at Trillium Technologies I'm privileged to work with amazing interdisciplinary researchers, using artificial intelligence and space data to tackle the biggest challenges of our age. I also hold an adjunct position at the UNSW School of Computer Science & Engineering, am an Associate at the University of Sydney and previously worked as a professional astronomer, investigating cosmic magnetism and the interstellar medium in the Milky Way.

I am an external technical advisor to Sci-eye, supporting the development of technology for ecological monitoring and sustainability.

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How can AI advance planetary stewardship? We are on the cusp of building a personal 'crystal ball' that helps make win-win decisions for our daily lives and the future of the Earth. Read our roadmap to a brighter future at https://trillium.tech/esp.

Keeping Beaches Safe

Drone-based shark surveillance is emerging as an effective, safe and affordable approach to managing human-shark conflict. Our team worked with the NSW Department of Primary Industries to show that AI can reliably detect sharks in video footage from shark-spotting drones. In good conditions AI systems can even distinguish between similar looking species - for example harmless guitarfish and dangerous bull sharks.

Listen to my interview with Simon Lauder on ABC Radio South East NSW to find out more.

X-Sensing 2019

The X-Sensing ('cross-sensing') Conference in 2019 united scientists from diverse fields with industry professionals and experts in artificial intelligence. It hosted astronomers, ecologists, linguists, geographers, medical professionals and industry leaders to share knowledge and bootstrap innovative AI-driven projects. The success of the conference inspired Fujitsu's AI Test Drive program.

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