Dr Cormac R. Purcell

Intelligent Systems for Planetary Good

Picture of Cormac

Hello and welcome to my personal website! I'm an astrophysicist turned scientific program director and intelligent systems engineer. Here you can find information on my projects and creations. Get in touch to find out more.

At Trillium Technologies I'm privileged to work with amazing interdisciplinary researchers, using artificial intelligence and space data to tackle the biggest challenges of our age. I also hold adjunct positions at UNSW Computer Science & Engineering and Macquarie University, where I previously worked as a professional astronomer investigating cosmic magnetism and the interstellar medium in the Milky Way.

I am an external technical advisor to Sci-eye, supporting the development of machine learning systems for ecological monitoring and beach safety.

Data Quest

Can AI help detect bushfires earlier, predict fire behaviour and help emergency services respond more effectively?

X-Sensing 2019

The 'cross-sensing' conference taught machine learning and bootstraped cross-disciplinary projects via an expert-supported hackathon.

M600 Drone

One-day workshop on using drones and satellite data, hosted by Macquarie University in 2019.